wingman is the world’s first digital application for automated risk analysis for specific flights.

Create your fully digital SORA application and save hours of researching regulations and rules. With wingman you save up to 75% of your time compared to conventional procedures.

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Digital SORA creation

wingman offers you many other features for the digital risk assessment of drone flights


Here is what you get with

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wingman offers you many other features for the digital risk assessment of drone flights


More features

In addition to the main functions mentioned above, wingman by skyzr also offers you many other useful features.

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Derivation of all necessary operational security objectives

wingman shows you the targets to be fulfilled and helps you to systematically declare all OSOs.

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Manage drones, equipment and documents

The one-off creation is sufficient, after which you can use all objects for any number of SORAs.

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Apply mitigations and minimise risk

Define your mitigation measures and have the effects on your ‘final SAIL’ calculated automatically.


Why you should choose us

With our extensive training and many years of experience in the industry, we are ideally positioned to help you through the SORA authorisation process. We have translated this knowledge into a digital software solution.

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Industry Leader

Opt for the world's first automatic tool that digitally maps the entire SORA process!

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Always up to date

Thanks to our broad network and associated companies, we understand changes in regulations at an early stage and update our software to the latest version.

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Consulting expertise

If you get stuck despite the software, our experts have the specialist knowledge to support you with the details of your SORA application on request.


So funktioniert's

Nach dem Start von wingman gelangst du in nur wenigen Schritten zu deiner digitalen SORA


Registriere dich und lege deine Organisation an

Paket wählen

Entscheide dich für ein Abonnement

Drohnen anlegen

Lege deine Drohnen an und lade wichtige Dokumente hoch

Digitale SORA starten

Wähle “Neue SORA” und schon kann es losgehen!




Use the basic functions of wingman free of charge.



199€ 99€ / Monat

Nutze die grundlegenden Funktionen von wingman kostenlos.


Coming Soon

Wir arbeiten mit Hochdruck an zusätzlichen Funktionen.

Frequently asked questions and answers

We answer the most frequently asked questions about SORA and our SORA counselling service. Contact us at any time for further questions.

wingman is a web-based software application that helps you to understand the risk of your planned drone flight, plan risk-reducing measures and comply with the legal requirements for authorisations. The risk analysis for flights in the special category (SORA) in particular is ideally covered in wingman: by uploading your flight plan, wingman automatically determines the ground and air risk of your flight for you and then guides you intuitively through all the steps of the SORA. At the end, you can export the SORA report and attach it to your application with the authorities.

With wingman, you can meet the legal requirements for flights in the special category (SORA) much more quickly and with less effort, allowing you to fly beyond visual range, over 120 metres or with cargo.

wingman is particularly helpful if you have planned flights that fall into the special category. These are, for example, flights over 120 metres (AGL), flights beyond visual range or drone missions where something needs to be transported. But wingman can also be useful for flights in the Open Category: Our interactive map contains more data than is currently provided by official authorities, such as detailed information about relevant areas on the ground, model airfields, nature reserves, obstacles, and others.

wingman currently contains all the necessary data for risk analyses within Austria. We are working flat out to extend it to other European countries.

The free version includes basic functions such as drone and document management as well as the use of the map, which can be useful for any drone pilot. Although a certain level of technical understanding and appropriate equipment is generally required for specific flights, depending on the application, we have endeavoured to make SORA in wingman as easy to understand and intuitive as possible. So you don’t have to be a SORA expert to perform a SORA in wingman. If you are stuck, please contact our team of consultants here.

In principle, you do not need to have an operator registration to register with wingman. However, in order to use wingman for SORAs, it is necessary to provide a registration number. Please note that a valid operator registration is a general requirement to be allowed to carry out professional drone flights.

Please create an account with wingman using your email and password. You must then verify the email address used, simply follow the instructions you receive by email after the initial account creation. You can then create an organisation after your first login. Your organisation represents your company and should have a drone operator registration.
Alternatively, you can continue as a user without creating an organisation and use some basic functions. For the time being, however, you cannot be invited to other organisations as a simple user.

Click on your user icon. In the user menu, you can manage the data of your personal user account under ‘My account’. Under ‘My organisation’ you can manage all relevant data of your organisation such as address, company register number or drone operator number. On the other hand, you can also create drones (required for SORA) and equipment there, as well as manage all your documents such as drone licences, certifications, insurance documents and others, so that you only have to attach them to the application later when creating a SORA.

A Specific Operation Risk Analysis is a special procedure with which the risk of your planned specific flight and the corresponding risk-minimising measures and circumstances are presented and explained in a structured manner. The SORA consists of 10 steps, including the determination of the risk on the ground and in the air, the description of risk-mitigating measures and the definition of operational safety objectives. The SORA is explained in the EASA Easy Access Rules for Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Unfortunately, from our point of view, the procedure is anything but ‘easy’, which is why we built wingman. Just give wingman a try and you will see that it is intuitively designed and guides you through the SORA step by step. If you still have difficulties, we will be happy to advise you. Find out more here.

We offer a 50% discount on your subscription for the first 6 months after the product launch. You will benefit in particular if you take out an annual subscription. This means you only pay half price for the entire first year.

At wingman, we differentiate between monthly and annual subscriptions. The monthly subscription is billed monthly and can be cancelled monthly, the annual subscription is billed annually and can only be cancelled annually. There is currently only one paid subscription for wingman with a fixed range of functions. In future, there will also be additional subscriptions with extended functions.

skyzr stores your files securely in a cloud data centre with a server location in Germany (27001:2013, 27017:2015, 27018:2019, 27701:2019, 9001:2015 and CSA STAR CCM v3.0.1)

If you have any problems, please contact, we will be happy to help you as quickly as possible.