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Aerial photography for your company

Find suitable service providers for aerial photography with us. Receive free and non-binding offers from various drone pilots within 48 hours.

We make it easy for you to find the perfect drone service provider for customised aerial photography. You benefit from a seamless experience on our platform: from searching, communicating and hiring the drone pilot to receiving the desired footage and invoicing.

Describe your project in just a few steps and receive quotes from various drone service providers within 48 hours. Compare the offers and select the ideal partner for your project.

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Real estate


Possible uses of drones

Drones offer a wide range of applications for a variety of industries. They enable breathtaking aerial photography for marketing purposes, inspections of properties or photovoltaic systems, the creation of 3D models of buildings and landscapes, the documentation of construction progress and much more.

Utilise the potential of drones for your company and benefit from the wide range of possibilities.

Advantages of drones

Drones provide a comprehensive overview and offer completely new perspectives.

There is usually no alternative to drones when it comes to taking aerial photographs and collecting all kinds of data.

Take advantage of these benefits and have work carried out faster, cheaper and safer.


Save time when completing a wide variety of tasks. Drones are able to carry out many tasks faster than conventional solutions.



Using drones saves you both time and money. Drones are the most cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications.


Increase safety with drones. Drones also allow you to reach hard-to-access areas, often eliminating the need for lengthy and dangerous climbs for employees.

Why skyzr?

We support customers from a wide range of industries in commissioning drone-based services at the best price-performance ratio and obtaining high-quality data.

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Simple order entry

We minimise the time and effort you spend on hiring drone services and thus on unique photos, videos and data.

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Certified drone pilots

High-quality results require a lot of experience. That’s why only certified and tested drone pilots are accepted on skyzr. In this way, we ensure legally compliant flight operations.

Offers within 48 hours

You are guaranteed to receive prompt offers from several drone pilots and can compare them directly with each other.

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Discover the fascinating possibilities of drone-based data now.

Aerial photography for various industries

Discover the impressive benefits of aerial photography for various industries such as real estate, marketing and inspection. skyzr offers you access to professional drone pilots who create stunning aerial images for various applications.

In the property industry, aerial photography is an effective tool for presenting properties in an appealing and impressive way. They offer potential buyers and tenants unique perspectives and convey a comprehensive impression of the property and its surroundings. This enhances the attractiveness of your property and increases your marketing opportunities.

For marketing, drone images offer the opportunity to show your products, services or events from a new perspective. Impressive aerial shots attract the attention of your target group and convey a modern, innovative image. Showcase your brand skilfully and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

In the inspection sector, aerial photography offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for the inspection and maintenance of infrastructure, buildings or technical systems. By using drones, areas that are difficult to access can be examined in detail and potential damage can be recognised at an early stage. This contributes to safety, value retention and optimised maintenance planning.

Convince yourself of the many possible applications and advantages of aerial photography. Start successful projects with skyzr – your platform for professional drone service providers and impressive aerial images.

Customised drone shots with state-of-the-art technology for a convincing result

If you are looking for high-quality drone footage for your company, club or other organisation, you can rely on us. We have dedicated ourselves to the creation of high-quality images and score points here with our excellent quality standards. We have made it our goal to provide high-quality drone images to everyone who needs them. To this end, we bring interested parties and drone pilots together. Get your personalised quote for your drone aerial photography now.

Where are drone recordings needed?

The demand for drone footage has risen rapidly in recent years. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, they are significantly cheaper than other solutions, and secondly, drones can be used more flexibly. Thanks to their compact design, they can also take pictures in places where conventional technology fails. Aerial photography with a drone is also possible from different heights so that different perspectives can be used for the images. In general, classic drone images can be taken. However, videos can also be created with the aerial images from a drone.

Try out our exceptional service

If you are interested in drone images and are looking for an expert who can cater to your individual wishes and requirements, you can rely on us. We guarantee that you will receive a quote for your images within 48 hours of your enquiry. Or perhaps you are an experienced drone pilot yourself and would like to give companies the opportunity to utilise this new technology for their own growth, for example? Then register with us now. We bring interested parties and drone pilots together. With us, you can always access enquiries from a wide variety of regions. If you find an enquiry that is of interest to you, you can create your own individual offer.