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At skyzr, we constantly make sure that you regularly receive new orders. No long searches for potential clients, no placing expensive adverts. Find jobs that you are suitable for directly with us.

Build up your profile

Store your insurance policies and licences in your profile and access them easily for every job. Receive additional reviews after every successfully completed job and market yourself.

Flight risks at a glance

We provide you with an initial assessment of the flight risks for every order you place with us. This allows you to see at a glance what restrictions you can expect on site before you deal with the order in detail.

Get help with authorisations

If a permit is required for an order, we will provide you with information on what exactly is needed to fulfil the legal requirements. So that nothing stands in the way of a safe and smooth flight.

How it works

Register as a drone pilot

Register with us as a drone pilot and fill out your profile

Place offers

Once you have been activated, you can directly submit offers for advertised orders

Operate flights

Chat directly with the client on the platform and carry out the drone flight if you are awarded the contract.

Classification according to qualification

In order to offer both drone pilots and customers a transparent and fair system for awarding contracts, we divide both drone pilots and contracts into three different levels:

Standard, Advanced and Expert.

The levels are intended to reflect the flight experience of drone pilots on the one hand and the complexity of the missions on the other and make them recognisable at a glance.

Drone pilots are automatically at the Standard level after registration. However, every drone pilot can request an upgrade to the next level from their profile free of charge and at any time in order to gain access to more complex missions. The necessary qualifications are checked manually by our team.

What does this mean in concrete terms?

Order with Standard level: All drone pilots can submit offers.
Order with Advanced level: Drone pilots with Advanced or Expert level can submit bids.
Order with Expert level: Drone pilots with Level Expert can submit offers.

In this way, we want to ensure that customers only receive offers from qualified drone pilots who are suitable for their job. The labelling also makes it clearer to customers why offers can sometimes differ considerably in price. For experienced drone pilots in particular, the new system has the advantage that they only have to compete with other service providers of their level for demanding jobs.

The following overview provides an initial impression of the criteria we use for categorisation. It is primarily based on the services offered, but also on flight experience and other evidence.
‍Please note: It is not necessary to offer all services of a level in order to be upgraded.

Simple photos and videosOrthophotos / OrthomosaicSurveying with RTK drone
360° panoramas and QuickShot-like shotsRoof surveysSurveying with LiDAR
Roof inspection (RGB)Multispectral analysis
Photogrammetry/3D modelsDrone show
PV inspection RGBPV Inspection Thermography
FPV flightBuilding inspection thermography
Digital terrain model
Wind turbine inspection
mandatory requirement: EU remote pilot certificate (A2 drone licence)

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