Drones in the real estate industry

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Drone applications in the real estate industry

Advantages of drone footage for the real estate industry

Efficient and cost-effective data acquisition

Drones deliver high-resolution image and survey data for topographical maps, orthomosaics, 3D models and much more quickly and cost-effectively. Use them to improve site and property assessment, documentation and progress monitoring.

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Increased marketing opportunities

High-quality drone shots increase the appeal of a property and attract more interested parties. The unique perspectives allow potential buyers and tenants to take a closer look at the property and its surroundings and get a better impression. These visual highlights allow properties to be brokered faster and at better prices, which increases the success rate of real estate agents.

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Simple inspection and condition assessment

Drones enable efficient and precise inspection of buildings and sites. They can easily reach areas that are difficult to access and identify possible damage or defects. This facilitates condition assessment and helps with the planning of maintenance measures.

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We minimise the time and effort you spend on hiring drone services and thus on unique photos, videos and data.

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Certified drone pilots

High-quality results require a lot of experience. That’s why only certified and tested drone pilots are accepted on skyzr. In this way, we ensure legally compliant flight operations.

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Drones in use for your real estate projects

Discover the impressive benefits of aerial photography for various applications in the real estate industry. skyzr offers you access to professional drone pilots who create stunning aerial images for your real estate projects.

Aerial photography is a powerful tool for real estate marketing as it presents properties in an appealing and impressive way. Potential buyers and tenants are offered unique perspectives that give a comprehensive impression of the property and its surroundings. This increases the attractiveness of your property and boosts your marketing opportunities.

Aerial photos are also ideal for planning and documenting construction projects. They enable precise recording of terrain and property structures, which is of great benefit to architects, engineers and project developers. They also provide valuable information for as-built surveys and monitoring construction progress.

Aerial images can also be used to inspect and evaluate properties. The condition of roofs, facades or other areas that are difficult to access can be examined efficiently and potential damage can be detected at an early stage.

See for yourself the many possible applications and advantages of aerial photography in the real estate sector. Start successful projects with Skyzr – your platform for professional drone services and impressive aerial images.