Drones in marketing and advertising

It is almost impossible to imagine marketing and advertising without drones. Be inspired by the following use cases.

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Dimitri Wolf

It is almost impossible to imagine marketing and advertising without drones. They allow creative people unimagined new possibilities in the implementation of their ideas. But what are the possible areas of application? What services can you expect and what costs can you expect? Our article provides you with the answers.

Drone operations open up unimagined possibilities for advertisers and communication experts. From high-resolution advertising videos to "dronevertising" campaigns in the night sky - drones are the key to implementing innovative advertising concepts cost-effectively and quickly. We will show you the different applications that drones offer in the marketing and advertising industry. In addition, we provide you with examples, facts and figures, as well as inspiration on how you can take advantage of drones yourself.

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The different uses of drones in marketing and advertising

Marketing and advertising measures often rely on impressive shots to attract the necessary attention or to effectively showcase a product or service. Drones can serve as an excellent tool for these tasks. They enable shots that were previously unthinkable or could only be realised with great effort and expense. In the following sections, we show you a selection of possible areas of application and how you can effectively use drone services for your marketing and advertising measures.

Image films

High-quality, moving images are a popular means of conveying emotional messages and thus portraying a brand authentically. For effective storytelling, various high-resolution close-up and long-distance shots from different perspectives are required. Modern camera drones are becoming an increasingly important tool in this context due to their flexible use both indoors and outdoors. They enable recordings from a wide variety of perspectives and offer both the possibility for calm camera movements and action-packed and dynamic flights that are difficult or impossible to realise with other means. It does not matter whether the drone shots serve as the only means or complement existing shots. There are no limits to creativity here.


Whether it's an emotionally-charged product like the latest model from a major car manufacturer or an everyday commodity, many products rely on professional promotional videos or commercials, regardless of industry, value or lifecycle stage. Drones can show off a product from every conceivable perspective and provide high-quality material for your commercial. As with image films, you benefit from unique perspectives that would be almost impossible to realise without a drone. Use drones as an additional tool or build the entire clip with them. The possibilities for using drones are almost limitless.


Live broadcasts have been standard at events for a long time, but often very expensive and setup-intensive equipment such as spider cams or complete "aerial camera systems" are used. Drones offer a much cheaper and quicker option here. Specialised drone service providers enable wireless full HD image transmission by means of professional camera drones and guarantee a maximum level of security thanks to many years of experience. Apart from live broadcasts, simple aerial photography can also be used to capture events from a wide variety of perspectives and use the image and video material obtained for further marketing measures. In this way, completely new impressions of all kinds of events are created that could otherwise only be realised with the help of expensive helicopters. The use of drones is much easier, cheaper and, above all, safer.

Creation of 3-D models

Through the targeted use of drones for the digitisation of objects, you can create 3-D models, also known as digital twins, with the help of the resulting images and additional software. These can then be used for further processing, for example for websites or even interactive applications. The use of drone technology provides you with a powerful tool with which you can quickly and easily digitise any building or landscape section and use it for your marketing campaigns.

Drone shows

The application field of drone shows is still quite young and thus offers a very special Wow! effect. Drone specialists with a focus on this application offer a perfectly coordinated choreography of breathtaking images, which are drawn in the sky with the help of drones equipped with LEDs. The number of drones varies depending on the desired motif. The drones are software-controlled and deliver reliable and safe results thanks to various safety programmes. In this way, breathtaking images can be drawn in the night sky that are guaranteed to be remembered. The areas of application include trade fairs, festivals, concerts, product presentations and many more. Drone shows have already been used at the Olympic Games, for example. Another advantage of drone shows: they continue to attract attention even after the actual use, when the recordings are shared on social media or in the press. Some examples of this can be found, for example, via the aforementioned drone show at the Olympic Games.

Advantages of drones in marketing and advertising

The advantages of drones when used in the marketing and advertising industry can thus be summarised as follows:

  • Versatile use, indoor as well as outdoor
  • More cost-effective than the use of helicopters
  • Enable shots from unique perspectives
  • Different recording modes such as photos, videos, panorama, time-lapse, etc.
  • Quick and safe to use
  • Can be automated - exact planning of flight routes possible even before the flight

Drones offer the potential to deliver breathtaking shots for which a helicopter or other expensive equipment would otherwise have to be purchased, even on a small marketing or advertising budget. Drones can be used both outdoors and indoors for unique one-shot shots. Through the targeted and creative use of drones, completely new ideas can be implemented and thus generate even more attention. Especially successful videos with extraordinary drone shots usually spread by themselves. Impressive shots and examples of this kind can be seen in the next section Example images and videos. In addition, the use of drones is not only less complicated and quicker to realise, but also usually much safer than previous alternatives.

Example images and videos

With the following examples, we would like to illustrate the creative use of drones in marketing and advertising. Convince yourself of the versatile possibilities that drone photography offers you in the implementation of your projects.

Facts and figures

It is not easy to put concrete figures on the success of drones in marketing and advertising. The reason for this is that drones are often one of many means by which marketing measures are implemented. What cannot be dismissed, however, is the fact that innovative and exciting images created with the help of drone technology attract a great deal of attention and are therefore readily shared on social media or find their place in the reporting of various media.

Services and costs

Drones support a wide variety of recording methods. Depending on the desired result, different drone models offer a variety of options for capturing and processing image and video material. The following list is intended to show you an exemplary selection of recording types that modern drones can deliver today.

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • FPV recordings for particularly dynamic scenes
  • 360° panorama
  • 3D models of objects and environments (with additional software)

In addition, there are the following optional services, which can usually be booked in addition to the recordings if the necessary resources are not available in-house:

  • Editing the raw material - image editing, video editing, creation of 3-D models
  • Music integration
  • Necessary permits for drone flight (see section Legal aspects)

The costs for a drone mission can vary and depend on the area of operation, the booked services and possible permits that have to be obtained in some areas for drone flights by the corresponding drone pilot. Unfortunately, a blanket statement on the costs of a drone mission in marketing cannot be made. However, you can contact us at any time for a non-binding enquiry. We can then provide an initial estimate based on your information and assist you in finding a suitable drone service provider for you.

The sequence of a typical drone mission

The process of an assignment usually differs somewhat and depends on the exact type of assignment. However, most assignments can be broken down to a common basic structure, which we present to you here as an example.

  • Planning - What is to be included, to what extent, when and in what form?
  • Find adrone pilot - Search for a suitable drone pilot
  • Implementation - The drone flight is carried out
  • Post-processing (optional) - The recordings are processed according to the specifications
  • Transfer of the data - Transfer of the desired recordings
  • Final report (optional) - Supplementary submission of a final report on the completed assignment

The planning phase is also an important point when using drones and should be given sufficient attention. Because only with proper planning can the drone flight be carried out in such a way that it delivers the results you want.

When searching for a suitable drone pilot, the objectives of the drone operation worked out from the planning phase should already be available. This facilitates the search and simplified the actual planning of the flight execution. The search itself requires a sufficient amount of time and attention to find a suitable drone pilot. We will go into this point again separately below in a separate section of this article. There you will learn how to find the right drone service provider for you quickly and easily with the help of skyzr.

The execution of the actual flight is the core element of any drone operation. This is also where possible gaps in the planning phase become apparent. However, if the drone pilot is well informed and has mastered his craft, nothing stands in the way of a successful execution.

The optional post-processing of the recordings is sometimes more or less extensive, depending on the desired result. If you only need pure raw footage, at most the selection of the most suitable shots will be necessary here. However, if extensive post-processing and background music is also desired, this phase of the project can be more extensive than the pure drone flight. Here, of course, there is also the option of separating the execution of the recordings and the editing of these from each other and commissioning different service providers with this or having the editing done in-house.

Finally, the results of the drone flight are transmitted to you. Depending on the scope of services booked, the material consists of either the pure raw footage or a post-processed version. In order to select the right results, these must, as mentioned, have already been discussed to a sufficient extent in the planning phase or at the latest when selecting a drone service provider.

Legal aspects of drone flight

In addition to all the advantages and organisational points, there are also, above all, the legal aspects of a drone flight that need to be considered. But don't worry, you as a potential customer of a drone service don't have to worry or worry about this. A well-trained drone pilot is well aware of the current legal situation and will take care of all the necessary permits. Likewise, an appropriate service provider will point out problematic spots in the planned flight route and show you alternatives.

If you still want to look into the legal aspects, you can read the following four sections. Alternatives take you to the next topic, which deals with the criteria for suitable drone pilots.

EU Drone Regulation

The most important regulations can be found in the EU-wide drone regulation in force since the beginning of 2021. EU Drone Regulation which has been in force since the beginning of 2021. Numerous requirements for drone flights of all kinds are already defined here.

These points are additionally supplemented by country-specific and thus local regulations in which, for example, additional GEO zones are defined and which specify the locations in which drones cannot be flown or can only be flown under certain conditions. In some of these zones, flights are then only possible with a Exemption possible.


Obtaining all relevant permits that may be required for a specific drone flight is the responsibility of the drone pilot in charge. However, this may involve additional costs. For this reason, the planning phase is important so that the drone pilot in question is able to give an assessment in advance. The decisive factor here is above all the location where the drones are to be flown. If this is in a no-fly zone, higher costs for the mission are to be expected. With drone pilots from the region, the probability is higher that a corresponding permit has already been obtained.


Drone flights open up completely new perspectives. However, these often lead to the privacy of other people being violated under certain circumstances. Especially in the case of residential properties, this can quickly become the case depending on the size of the property. Depending on the location of the property and the planned flight route, it is therefore possible that the drone will provide views of neighbouring properties. However, this is problematic. It should therefore be clarified in advance how exactly the flight will take place, because it may be necessary to obtain permission from the neighbours or a general exemption.

Copyright and rights of use

The question of copyright and rights of use is also an important point in drone photography. It should be clearly defined who owns the rights to the footage and who may use it for what purpose. It often happens that drone pilots would like to retain the right to use their own recordings in order to be able to use the material for further customer acquisition. If this is not desired, this point should be clarified in advance.

You can find further important legal points in our article on the EU Drone Regulation.

How do you find a suitable drone pilot?

The search for a drone pilot can prove tricky. Where do you start the search? Who is best suited for the job? Depending on their own level of knowledge regarding drone flights, clients often find it difficult to find suitable drone service providers for a project.

But there is a solution for that too. Our skyzr marketplace offers an ideal platform for tendering projects. With the help of our guided process for posting orders, you can publish your requirements on our platform without any prior knowledge. You will then receive comparable offers from our registered and skyzr-verified drone service providers. You select the best offer for you and can contact the drone service provider directly, whereupon they can start planning and implementing the work straight away.


Drones can be used in a variety of ways in the marketing and advertising industry. Whether it's simple aerial photography, quiet camera shots from unique perspectives or action-packed flights through otherwise inaccessible environments - drones offer you completely new and breathtaking possibilities. Where previously a helicopter had to be hired to take pictures and videos from the air, which required not only a pilot but also a corresponding cameraman/camerawoman, this can now be done much more cheaply by a person on the ground. Furthermore, drones can reach places that would be inaccessible even to helicopters. Drones can also be used to create 3-D models. To do this, a flight route is planned in advance, which is then flown over automatically by the drone. This automatically creates images of an object or an entire environment, which are then processed by special software to create a digital twin. You can then use this 3D model for other purposes.

Hiring a professional drone service provider thus opens up completely new possibilities for you in the design of your marketing and advertising material. Use the versatility of drones to your advantage. Our skyzr marketplace is a great place to search for drone service providers. Send us a non-binding enquiry today. We will then be happy to discuss the next steps with you and show you all the available options.

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